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Personal Quote: When I saw changes that happened so easily and quickly I embraced PSYCH-K. How fulfilling to be
able to help others help themselves. Only we have the power to make the change and in this process we are empowered.


Testimonial: Linda is an amazing healer. I am finally free of my insecurities and lack of confidence. Through PSYCH-K
I have the confidence to open my own business, and put myself in the world again. I'm sleeping again,
money is flowing to me and I am living my best life. Lisa


I have struggled all my life with weight issues. Finally, rather than dealing with the symptom of making
bad food choices, I was able to discover the root cause of my condition. My subconscious knew all the
time and Linda helped me discover what it was. I have now changed by life style and I am losing so much weight. Bernice


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Background Information: I discovered PSYCH-K April 2018 and it has changed my life. I was a widow with a drug addicted
daughter and 3 grandchildren at risk.

I worried, who would take care of me if I got sick? Would I have enough money? What do I do about
my daughter and grandchildren? II called child protection services, did an intervention, and went
through the court system. I was at the end of my rope.

I was riddled with fear and anxiety. Now, I am sleeping, my finances have increased, I am taking better
care of myself, my energy has increased. My daughter has gotten sober and my grandchildren are doing


Available for: Sessions In Person
Phone/Skype (Domestic & International)
Will drive to client up to 15 miles (additional fee will be assessed)