Eleonor Sandresky
Brooklyn, New York 11226 United States

Language: English


Personal Quote: Challenges are common to many women. Having known something of what so many endure gives me understanding, compassion and a deep desire to help. Music is one way I offer healing and PSYCH-K is the other.


Testimonial: “Eleonor led me through an exercise to release limiting beliefs around money, self-worth and “deserveability” – and to tap into my personal power as a creator. In the space of 10 minutes my goal transformed from wish to certainty. I could feel the power of previous experiences of mastery surging through my body! As I write this, the sense of freedom, joy and exuberance in knowing my goal is not only valid, but is being fully supported by Life and by my own inner resources remains strong and powerful. Eleonor is gentle and kind, but firm enough to keep you on track towards what you really want. I highly recommend you schedule a session with her right now.” DB


Specialty Areas: Creative Artists, Performing Artists, Fundraising and Missions for Non-Profit Organizations


Background Information: I am a professional composer and pianist living and working in New York City. Helping people has always been a passion of mine, and one that I have not always had a clear pathway to, at least not that I could see. A graduate of the Eastman and Yale Schools of Music in classical piano and composition respectively, I’ve had a wonderful and varied career, and it’s not over by a long shot.

Creating my career as a successful solo performer and composer and creating the music that I most deeply care about making continues to be an amazing journey both inside and out. My outward journey has led many places, from world tours to starting a new music festival for young composers called The MATA Festival, where I worked for many years learning, among other things, how non-profits work, and then to producing large, even epic, musical events such as a 15-hour marathon concert commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in NYC, and all the while touring the world as a member of The Philip Glass Ensemble. Out of these experiences I yearned to have a greater impact on creative and performing artists of all kinds. I continue to see how many people need help, as I needed help.

So began my training in PSYCH-K, to help myself get past my own limiting beliefs to having the life and career I dream of, as well as to help my fellow creative and performing artists in particular. My training in PSYCH-K combined with my deep experience as a creator, performer and producer has motivated me to put together a special program for artists of all types to help them realize the career they want to have in the shortest time possible. Please visit my website to learn more about the BARC program, coming in the Fall of 2015, or to schedule a private session at any time.


Available For: Sessions In Person and Phone/Skype
New York and Rockland Counties for In-Person sessions.