Dorothy Northrip
Florissant, Missouri, 63031 United States

Language: English


Personal Quote: “Along with the MAJOR life changes that take place with PSYCH-K, I love hearing about and observing the subtle changes…it’s beautiful!”


Testimonial: “As a counseling student, I have experienced the benefit of PSYCH-K personally and professionally. Dorothy is a wonderful, caring facilitator who is excellent at explaining the process and adapting to the moment. I have experienced wonderful changes in my own life due to PSYCH-K work with Dorothy and would absolutely recommend this awesome technique and Dorothy to everyone!”

“I love the work I have been doing with Dorothy and PSYCH-K. Such an easy way to look at resistance to my goals and release the blocks which are hindering me. Only 2 session so far, but already big shifts are happening. Thanks Dorothy.”
“The effects are so subtle I’m not sure how to describe it – it just quietly makes a big difference!”


Specialty Areas: Childhood Traumas, Pivotal Life-Changes, Health and Wellness


Background Information: I started my career in IT (Data Processing back then) in 1970. I filled many different roles during that time from keypunch operator to Director of Education for a banking software company to Senior Education Manager at a computer company.
I became interested in hypnosis in 1994 during my ‘dark night of the soul’. Upon becoming certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1999, I found my niche in teaching HypnoBirthing®—the Mongan Method, which I taught for several years part-time.

After getting let go from my corporate job in 2012, and being retirement age, I jumped into creating a hypnosis business. In June of 2014, I watched a Bruce Lipton video during the Hay House Summit in which PSYCH-K was mentioned. After some research, I was very excited to pursue learning this method of working with the subconscious mind. I haven’t looked back since and I have taken three of the workshops, Basic, Pro, and Advanced, and have been doing private sessions since August of 2014. Even though I’ve had training in what I consider to be the best method of hypnosis to resolve early trauma, I LOVE the fact PSYCH-K can have the same result (and better) without having to relive the past. It is BEAUTIFUL! And, time after time, I’ve heard people say how they are experiencing shifts in subtle ways…maybe not reacting in a situation as they would have in the past, or making different, healthier choices, without giving conscious thought to it. Total validation for what can happen with PSYCH-K. I’ve found my ‘home’ and am constantly grateful when I get the opportunity to share PSYCH-K with others.


Available for: Sessions In Person and by Phone/Skype

Serving the Greater St. Louis MO area, including St. Charles. Two office locations, one in North County and one in Town and Country.