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Personal Quote: “Free yourself. Be yourself. Light up the world.”

Testimonial: “My first session with Louise ‘Awshee’ Bator was phenomenal. Awshee’s facilitation is gentle and skilled in order to draw out the most unexpected turn of events. She helped me bring closure and healing to a problem I had little hope of really resolving as I got used to missing the target in that particular area of my life. And in one session she was able to get to the core of it so that we could balance for it once for all. In my opinion Awshee was born to facilitate PSYCH-K, she is a natural and I definitely recommend her services to anyone considering making substantial change in their lives. “

-Vera Lyoubovskya, Life Coach and PSYCH-K Facilitator, Aurora IL


“Insightful, methodical, persistent, analytical, pattern aware, inquisitive. Awshee has used all these characteristics to shift my health and well-being in a major way. And always with respect and a sense of humor. Making changes in your life can be scary; Awshee is a perfect partner on that wild ride!” — U. Conway, Business and Technology Consultant, Arizona


“My world was recently blessed by a couple of PSYCH-K telephone sessions with Awshee. I was amazed at how simply and efficiently she led me through balances that prepared me for a big New Year’s forgiveness and healing weekend. Listening is an ‘art’ that she beautifully employs in her sessions as she gently leads you down a path of discovery and healing. “

– Dolores Candelaria, CMT, Colorado


Specialty Areas: Releasing anxiety, clearing obstructions, freeing yourself from the norm, seeing your life in the big picture, career change.


Background Information: In September of 2014, I left a successful long-term career as an Engineering Fellow in the defense industry. I left because I felt there was something else I was supposed to be doing, that there was a different way for me to contribute my skills and energy in the world. I didn’t know exactly what I would do, just had a sense that my work would be in a healing field and would employ my skills in a new way.

That’s when I discovered PSYCH-K and began working with my subconscious beliefs. Up until then, I had been working with my conscious mind. Once I engaged the subconscious mind, I blew past my roadblocks. I was freed from thoughts that kept me from moving into something new. Change became easier and I began to uncover myself and my new work in the world. Now I’d like to give others the benefit of my experience.

I utilize PSYCH-K, aided by my studies in human interconnectivity and my experience in systems thinking and problem solving, to provide a holistic viewpoint and environment for cultivating lasting change.

Let’s connect. And together we can design and build the life you desire!


Available For: In-Person (Tucson, Arizona area or Long Distance Video or Phone Sessions