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Crestone, Colorado 81131 United States
Languages: English & Spanish
Personal Quote: “You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is around around your neck.” – Rumi
Testimonial: I’ve ended a 10 year eating disorder and lost 8 pounds with just 2 PSYCH-K sessions with Angela. I’ve reconnected with my life’s purpose and no longer need to live the stories of my past. – Shana (more testimonials here:
Specialty Areas: Nutrition, Body Image, Abundance and Self Worth
Background: Angela is a wife & mother, transformational lifestyle & wellness coach, speaker, teacher, dancer, online entrepreneur, yogic chef, & advanced PSYCH-K ® Facilitator. She is founder of the Sexy & Powerful Movement for women who yearn to reclaim their sexy & powerful selves and want to deeply transform their nutrition, body image, abundance, and self worth. She provides the tools they need to transform their self-limiting, negative, and self sabotaging beliefs about themselves and their lives so they can truly change. When you rewrite the software of your mind, you can change the printout of your life.
Her signature program – backed by neuroscience and studies of the mind – changes beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours so that you LOVE your life, not just live it, remember that you are important, worthy, and valuable & YOU MATTER. It’s finally time to have it all: a healthy relationship with food, a great bod, abundance, and true self worth. For over 20 years she’s had experience in the areas of personal development, fitness, nutrition, and finance. She is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and currently works at the PSYCH-K Centre International with Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K. Her time and devotion goes to building her dreams and helping her clients build their dreams. When she’s not working with clients to change their subconscious beliefs and teaching fitness classes, she can be found in her private studio focusing on her body/mind/spirit practice, cooking delicious food for her family, creating lip smacking superfoods smoothie recipes, laying around with her cat, reading, listening to podcasts, and enjoying the Colorado outdoors with her family.
Available for: Zoom/Skype/Phone sessions (preferred due to my geographic location) and in person for locals & visitors
International by Internet & Phone, South Western Colorado In Person