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PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat~Denver, Colorado

May 19 @ 5:00 pm - May 22 @ 9:00 pm


Divine Integration Retreat Dates: May 19-22, 2022

Prerequisite… PSYCH-K Basic and PSYCH-K Advanced Workshops


Location: Sacred Space Sanctuary, 19909 East 61st Drive, Aurora, CO 80019

Perspective, Inner Rejuvenation and Connection with The Divine! PLUS interfacing with Nature through amazing natural settings in Colorado!


Overview of Agenda (see more detail below):

Arrival DIA (Denver International Airport): May 18th, 2022 arrival by 5:00 pm to have dinner and begin evening program.

Divine Integration Retreat: May 19-22nd from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, All 4 Days

Departure DIR: May 22nd (Please book flights for 8pm or later departure) or May 23rd, 2022


** Consider staying an extra day or two and enjoying additional Colorado activities. The EXTRA time is highly recommended for full integration and some well deserved relaxation! Make the DIR a vacation you will never forget! Previous DIR attendees stated they really wished they had relaxed an extra day or two!

Why Denver/Aurora, CO?

Denver offers a central point in the US where people can easily fly in and out from. Weather is typically very enjoyable all year long and we have access to some of the most beautiful country in the nation. Driving to sites of interest is a short distance, usually within 1-2 hours. Come find out why Denver, Colorado is such a great place and explore the Divine Integration Workshop experiences to enhance your connection with your spiritual source.

The DIR is the PINNACLE event within the PSYCH-K suite of workshops. This retreat is designed to foster a strong sense of connection with the Divine and to enhance connection within the PSYCH-K community. It is suggested all participants leave behind their computers, cell phones and participate in the richness of this event, being FULLY present and centered in the joy filled days and evenings of the gathering. Evenings are filled with soul-full conversation. Participants often bring something to share with the group, music, favorite poetry, fun games, etc.

Offered By: Certified PSYCH-K Instructor: Karen McKy, 719-648-3070 cell, email:


The DIR processes are FREE of charge. It is Karen’s gift back to you!

The only fees are those for your Lodging, and extra curricular activities for Transportation, Admission Fees and Meals.

Anonymous Love Offerings are always appreciated and gratefully accepted for the many hours of coordination and arrangements required to host an event of this magnitude.

FEES: $700 Flat Rate Fee. This covers homemade breakfast each morning, sack lunches (one per day), transportation, entrance fees, private mini-coach, private chauffeur, fuel etc.

Restaurant meals, souvenirs and personal items are not covered by the deposit of $700.00. Partial refunds will be offered if the entire amount is not needed.

Registrations needed BY Wednesday, May 5th, 2022.

After final confirmation is determined for all attendees, additional fees will be identified. Menus will be sent and you may make your food selections. We will do our best to have organic produce, juices, grains and meats, etc. We will do our very best to offer gluten free options too.

Retreat Dates: May 19-22nd, 2022 Denver/Aurora, Colorado

Arrival in Denver by 5:00 pm May 18th, 2022


We will typically experience our course work in the mornings and then get into NATURE for the afternoons. Several different opportunities exist for gaining different perspectives on our connection with Nature and the Divine.

DAY 1: Colorado Springs, Colorado Nature Experience

Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Get a higher perspective on your life!

Consider your challenges from a higher perspective. We will take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet above sea level. Since 1891, the Pikes Peak Cog Railway has taken millions of people on an unforgettable trip to the 14,115 foot summit of Pikes Peak! Past cascading streams and forests of aspen and pine, the world’s highest cog railroad reveals lovely panoramas that inspired the song written by Katharine Lee Bates “America the Beautiful.” Yes, it’s possible there might still be snow in May at the summit! Bring your jackets, hats and gloves!


Garden of the Gods

Consider the Native Peoples who revered this area as sacred ground. What might the Native People have to share about walking softly upon the Earth and embracing nature as a natural part of our lives? After a breathtaking time at the summit of Pikes Peak we will descend for some gentle walking trails at the Garden of the Gods. These easy paths allow for some gentle exercise and communing with the rocks. If you want a bit more rigorous exercise you can jog or run the trails. We will set up a drop off point and meeting time so folks can take their time enjoying the naturally beautiful setting. We will utilize a “Buddy System” during our free walking times for safety, etc. Journal your thoughts and ideas after the morning trip up Pikes Peak.

DAY 2: Denver, Colorado Nature Experience

Denver Butterfly Pavilion

Ponder the delicate aspects of Nature and of our own souls by experiencing this very special part of our world. The pollinators with vivid and delightful colors may lite on your clothing and arms. Delight in the beauty of Nature as it is expressed through color and amazing variations of patterns. Consider the importance of caring for the pollinators as part of our intricate food delivery chain. We can’t live without them, yet their very existence, and our own, is threatened by massive corporations producing toxic poisons.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Walking paths with benches throughout the gardens offer opportunities for a quiet walking meditation to reflect on how the Divine blesses each of us daily as we walk the many paths our life has taken. The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the top 5 Botanic Gardens in the nation. You’ll see why as we enjoy the splendor of all the Spring flowers blooming. Stroll through the Japanese Garden and transport yourself to that island nation. Explore the orchid house and view the diverse selection of orchids and how they naturally grow clinging to rock faces. Enter the glass domed tropical environment and enjoy the lush ferns. Walk the desert-scape and find the beauty of succulents with their unusual foliage.

Denver Aquarium

Consider the Sub-Conscious as we imagine being Sub-merged in this aquatic heaven. We’ll end our day in Denver with a late afternoon tour of the Denver Aquarium with dinner served at the aquarium. Landry’s Restaurant, a well known Colorado restaurant, purchased the Denver Aquarium to preserve the facility and continue educating guests about the importance of our delicate ocean systems. There will be time for reflecting on the flow of life and our roll within that flow. How does the Divine move and flow within our life and the lives of all on the planet?

DAY 3: Estes Park, Colorado Nature Experience

Rocky Mountain National Park

If Nature spoke directly to you what would it share with you? Experience one of the crown jewels of Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park is situated near Estes Park, Colorado. It’s possible to see Elk, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, and all kinds of wonderful wildlife here. Take in the spectacular mountain views and feel the power of the massive crystal mountains. Enjoy the breathtaking lakes with the hum of life surrounding around them. This is a magical place filled with great majesty and beauty. We’ll spend some time roaming the town of Estes Park and enjoy dinner there after a leisurely afternoon of exploring, hiking and sightseeing.

DAY 4: Keenesburg, Colorado Nature Experience

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

On our last afternoon of the DIR we will engage in Surrogation to assist the wonderful rescued animals of The Wild Animal Sanctuary, helping them transform remaining subconscious stress from their times in captivity.We have the ability to assist in ways few people can, becasue we have studied how to safely and effectively engage with the subconscious mind of others, including animals, to effect loving and beneficial change.


Education about the Captive Wildlife Crisis – the causes of and potential solutions to – is critically important to the alleviation of suffering endured by millions of animals worldwide. It may sound idealistic, but The Wild Animal Sanctuary wants to change social consciousness – so that people learn to understand that captive large carnivores do not make good pets…they are not entertainment…and their skins and body parts are not products.The way to achieve this change in social consciousness is through Education.

Education is part of the orientation given to all visitors at the Sanctuary. It is important that guests understand the need for sanctuaries like ours, as well as what they can do to help alleviate the suffering of tens of thousands of captive large carnivores living in substandard conditions throughout the US.

In 1979 when the first Wild Animal Sanctuary rescue took place government regulations did not allow for wild animals to be kept without cement and bars. Many landmark discussions and education of political bodies were required before a facility of this magnitude could be created. The incredible vision and dedication of one man, Pat Craig, has made The Wild Animal Sanctuary a reality. His unending love for animals and desire to rescue wild beings held in deplorable conditions around the world has led to

rescuing 20+ lions from Bolivia when the country shut down all live animal performances in circuses. Pat Craig has intervened in the rescue of bears held in tiny roadside cages along the highways of the US. He has rescued starving tigers held in basements in Texas when they became too much for the “owners” to handle.

During the first decade, an incredible amount of insight into how these animals see each other–and human beings came to be. Pat was amazed at the complexity of their societies and the difference between each species. He came to understand important perceptions they had that related to their environment and how they adapted to being restrained in captive situations.


We now understood how for thousands of years man has misinterpreted the way we should integrate with animals, both in the wild and in captive settings. Our entire standardized system of displaying animals in captivity has been wrong, and so has the way we venture forth into the wilds to see animals in their natural habitat.

You see, all animals, from the wildest of lions to the tamest of rabbits, chickens, dogs or goats, require their own territory. This instinct even exists within each of us as human beings.


All creatures on earth need a space where they can function in a manner that will provide the food, shelter and safety. So even though most of us can see how wild lions and tigers need to protect their territory from other carnivores, we tend to become blind to those same needs in captive animals.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is situated on 720 acres of grasslands to the North East of Denver, CO. It hosts a mile long footbridge for observing animals in their natural state. The goal of holding our last afternoon and closing ceremony during the evening with the beautiful Colorado sunsets around us is to capture the potency of life, the intense desire to live beyond any and all deplorable conditions and know that life is a gift worth holding on to.


Certified PSYCH-K Instructor: Karen McKy 719-648-3070

Arrive at Denver International Airport on May 18th, 2022 by 5pm.

Depart Denver International Airport after 8:pm on May 22nd, 2022 or Monday morning May 23rd!


Do NOT make flight reservations until Karen confirms your attendance!!


WORKSHOP LOCATION: Sacred Space Sanctuary, 19909 East 61st Drive, Aurora, Colorado, 80019

LODGING: 8 Single beds in 4 shared bedrooms are available at Karen’s home. Rates are $120.00/night. (first paid / first served). Check with Karen at 719-648-3070 for current availability. A lodging fee is non-refundable once booked. Possible Air BnB rooms may be arranged if enough interest exists. Numerous local hotel options exist within a 5-7 minute ride to the venue. Call Karen 719-648-3070 to make lodging reservations.

TRANSPORTATION: Most hotels in zip code 80249 have airport shuttles to and from Denver International Airport. Uber, Lyft and Taxis offer rides within the neighborhood. Consider sharing rides with others to minimize costs.

RENTAL CARS: If you are renting a car and agree to transport other attendees please let Karen know. ALL shared rides are at the riders own discretion and risk. Karen McKy, Subconscious Change LLC, PSYCH-K International and other event attendees assume no responsibility for any damage or personal injury resulting from riding with another driver.

PERSONAL INJURY WAIVER: A signed waiver is required releasing Karen McKy, Subconscious Change LLC, PSYCH-K International, all DIR retreat attendees from any damage or personal injury resulting from participating in any portion of the DIR, or activities whether officially sanctioned or not, and including but not limited to travel to and from Denver International Airport and other event locations. All physical activities similar to or related to walking, hiking, climbing, wading, swimming, etc. are at the sole risk and responsibility of the person engaging in the activity.

ALCOHOL AND DRUG USAGE: For the comfort of all attendees this a drug free and alcohol free event. Anyone consuming or engaging in the use of these substances will be asked to stop. Failure to do so will result in the immediate departure of the attendee from the event, at their own expense, with no refund of any deposit paid. Instead, plan on “getting high” with your own spiritual connection!

MEALS: Dinners will be at selected restaurants. Each restaurant will have vegetarian options. Vegan meals can not be guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate this need. Sack lunches will be available on the bus and one picnic dinner (at The Wild Animal Sanctuary) to maximize our best experiences. A simple menu will be provided for you to select from after registration and deposit are received. You may bring along your own food and “petite personal” coolers. Ice will NOT be available. Please get this from your hotel. Refrigerators are NOT available.

EVENT DEPOSIT: The payment button below covers homemade breakfast each morning, box lunches (one per day), transportation, entrance fees, private mini-coach, private chauffeur, fuel etc. Restaurant meals, souvenirs and personal items are not covered by the deposit of $550.00. Refunds will be offered if the money is not needed.

The button below is for the $700 deposit. If you prefer to pay cash or check please contact Karen at 719-648-3070 or email at




May 19 @ 5:00 pm
May 22 @ 9:00 pm
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Karen McKy


Aurora/Denver, Colorado
19909 East 61st Drive
Aurora, CO 80019 United States
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